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Jun 04 2017

Today’s Hottest Kitchen Trends

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More often than not, the kitchen is the focal point of your home. It’s the one place you can still manage to get the whole family together for a meal and where everyone ends up at a party. If you’re looking to make the most impact in your house with a renovation, start with the kitchen. If you need some inspiration, look no further than this year’s most popular kitchen design trends.

Goodbye junk drawer, hello sanity

We all had at least one of those junk drawers in our kitchen growing up – the catchall for every small kitchen item that didn’t fit in the cutlery basket, and you had to dig through it for forever to try to find a carrot peeler or a bottle opener. Or the appliance cabinet that had waffle makers stacked on popcorn machines stacked on electric kettles. But those days are long gone – kitchen design now is geared towards maximizing space and storage, while also keeping things organized and easy to find. Custom cabinetry has been rebuilt from the inside out to make your kitchen make sense.

Hands free

Cooking in the kitchen can be messy. The latest in hands-free technology can help you keep that mess contained. Hands-free faucet and soap dispensers allow you to wash your hands after stuffing a turkey without having to contaminate a tap.

Let colour sink in

Sinks in every perceivable colour are all the rage this year. Coloured apron sinks are particularly popular as the add a big, bold pop of colour to the room. But be sure it’s a colour that you can live with or that is complimentary to another colour scheme. If you like to switch things up regularly you might be better off sticking with stainless steel or white porcelain, both classic styles that pretty much go with everything.

Back in black

Interior designers are embracing their dark side in kitchens this year, with black being the accent colour of choice. Black appliances, faucets, fixtures, hardware and other décor pieces add a dramatic look, especially when paired with classic white tiles and countertops. It’s clean, modern and simple, and it’s in for 2017.

There’s no question, the kitchen is the heart and soul of your house, and you want it to not only be a functional space, but an inviting space that looks amazing. If your itchin’ to redo your kitchen, Quantum Construction can help. We can help you find a style that works for you, pairing classic design with the latest looks.

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