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Nov 07 2016

Take the step to a greener home

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Green Renovations Regina, sK

Renovating is a messy business and it can be tough to reduce your carbon footprint while going through the demolition and rebuilding process. A lot of waste comes with the territory and we have to work hard to find green solutions.  That said, there are many opportunities to make good environmental choices for your renovation. From fixtures to appliances, from insulation to windows and heating equipment— many of today’s products and systems deliver better performance with less environmental impact than even a decade ago.

There are three important steps you and your renovator need to work through when greening your renovation project. This includes increasing the energy and water effciency of your home, ensuring clean indoor air and choosing resource-smart materials and products

Depending on the type of renovation work you are doing, not every step will be equally important for your project, or relevant. However, it’s a good idea to review each step carefully to make sure you don’t miss an option that could benefit you, your family and the environment.

Use energy and water efficiently— and save money

Of all the green options, by far the most important is saving energy and water. This is because the decisions you make today will have a big impact on the environ- ment, and your wallet, for many years to come.

Think about it. Homes last a long time. Heat- ing equipment, windows and water-consuming xtures have a lifespan of decades. When you renovate, you have the opportunity to reduce signi cantly the amount of energy and water your home uses. At the same time, you will cut the cost of operating your home, now and in the future—in a world of uncertain energy prices, that‘s a comforting thought!

There is a wide range of energy and water effciency improvements you can make: Quantum Construction uses Thermal Cork Shield for thermal insulation.

Regina Eco friendly solutions

Replace or upgrade your heating system with high-ef ciency equipment. For natural gas or oil- red furnaces, look for Energy Star ® certi ed products. Some systems, such as heat pumps, combine heating and cooling. Other systems combine space and water heating. If your project includes opening up exterior walls or re-siding your home, take the opportunity to add insulation.

When installing new windows, choose higher- performance windows and look for Energy Star ® certi cation. Energy-saving features include multiple glazing (i.e. double or triple panes), gas ll, low-e coating and insulating spacers.

Get a home energy audit

One of the best steps you can take before planning your renovation is to get a home energy assessment from an independent certified home energy evaluator. Your energy assessment will identify how your home uses energy, where it is being wasted, and how to improve the comfort of your home, and cut heating and cooling costs. The assessment report will be very useful when you and your renovator sit down to plan your renovation.

Quantum Construction now offers Eco friendly Solutions for help reducing the impact your home has on the environment while saving money and increasing the quality of your living. Call us at 306 522 6886 for a free assessment.

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