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Jun 04 2017

Get Reno Ready!

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Quantum Construction Reno

Overall, a home renovation is an exciting undertaking – you’re fixing, updating or totally transforming a space to make it all yours. But that’s not to say it’s always easy. A renovation can be stressful and disrupt you and your family’s schedule. But there are things you can do to minimize the disruption and make your renovation as painless as possible.

The size of the renovation will determine how much preparation you need to do. Bigger jobs will cause a bigger disruption and therefore require more prep. Talk to your contractor about timelines and the job itself so you have good idea of what it entails and what you can do to minimize the impact on your day-to-day life. If you need to leave the house for an extended period of time, be sure you are available to meet with your contractor throughout the project so you can monitor the project’s progress.

Before the project starts be sure to discuss the reno with your family. Kids are often excited at the prospect of loud tools and construction workers in the house, but be sure to remind them that the renovation is a construction site. Lay out safety rules and generally tell them to stay away from the work site until told otherwise. Pets will have to be managed and contained, especially on bigger renos and additions that could create escape routes for your furry friends. You may want to look at boarding your pets or having them stay with friends or family for the duration of the project, both for your and the contractor’s peace of mind, and for the pet’s wellbeing, as the sound of strangers and power tools in the house can be stressful.

While contractors will do everything they can to minimize mess on the site and around your house, think about packing up any breakables or covering any surfaces you don’t want to get dusty. Clear out the work area if you can, including removing furniture, so the contractor and their crew can get right to work. If there are areas you would like the crew to stay out of or avoid, let the contractor know so they can let the crew know. Set ground rules on what entrances and bathrooms are open to use, and which aren’t. Setting clear expectations helps both you and the contractor avoid any miscommunication and holds both parties accountable.

Prepping your house and your family for an upcoming renovation will give you peace of mind and help the contractor start working as soon as they get to the work site. At Quantum Construction we pride ourselves on doing all we can to give you a painless, stress-free renovation experience. We constantly communicate with you throughout the process to make sure you’re informed, engaged and heard. Contact us today so you can start prepping for your next dream project.


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