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Feb 01 2018

Design Trends For 2018

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If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to spruce up your house, this post is for you. Let’s gaze into our crystal ball and see what’s being touted as the hottest design trends in 2018.


Patterned accent pieces and wallpaper have always been a way to add pops of colour and contrast to any room. This year look for circles and hard geometric shapes like hexagons to be popular patterns in home décor. Floral patterns are making a big comeback too – adding a warm, clean natural feel to any room.


The Pantone colour of the year is announced in December of every year and this year the winner was 18-3838, also known as Ultra Violet. Look for this, and other shades of purple showing up in home décor and design in 2018. Lavender is also creating a buzz with designers.

As far as using colours in rooms, look for new kitchens to have a lot more colour, which warms up the room and can better cover cooking stains. There are also two distinct room-colour trends that are gaining steam going into the new year and they are polar opposites – high contrast and tone-on-tone palettes. High contrast palettes use solid, saturated colours, contrasted with white anchors in molding, flooring etc.. Tone-on-tone is the exact opposite –walls, molding, and even furniture of a similar tone create a visual interest of its own.


Designers are moving to warmer more natural feeling materials. Stone, copper, granite, concrete, cork and reclaimed wood are really getting focus from designers in 2018, while materials such as stainless steel, brushed nickel and wrought iron aren’t. Millwork on walls to give it that classic farmhouse feel is also gaining traction, especially in bedrooms.

While these are the hottest project trends in design for 2018, it’s important to remember that these are trends, and they will change. When designing your space it’s all about what you like and most of us don’t have the budget to renovate with every trend. Look at what fits your lifestyle, start with timeless pieces and bring trends into the smaller, more affordable accent and décor pieces.

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