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General Contractors
Aug 18 2017
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We Do Small Too!

Published in General Contractors
Quantum_Handyman Services

When you think of contacting a construction company, you may only think of bringing us in for the big jobs – re-doing a kitchen or bathroom, or putting an addition on the house for example. But maintaining the overall health and beauty of your home isn’t always about the big jobs. Regular repair, maintenance and…

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Oct 26 2016
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11 renovation myths

Regina Renovators

You’ll want to read this before swinging the hammer Reality television isn’t just the provenance of singles looking for a mate, singers trying to best each other, and would-be or quasi-celebrities seeking attention. A good number of programs in this genre deal with another kind of elusive state: The experience of a perfect home renovation….

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Feb 22 2016
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Signs your contractor is going sideways!


Between agreeing on a design for your remodeling project, purchasing materials and watching the slow progress of the project, you’ll be under a fair amount of stress until the remodeling reaches the finish line. But if the project isn’t progressing the way you think it should — or if it isn’t progressing at all —…

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Oct 01 2015
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Don`t be a Victim of Home Contractor Fraud

Regina Contractors

Every homeowner eventually considers hiring a general contractor. Maybe it’s the unfinished basement, the much-needed bathroom makeover or drywalling the garage. Whatever the task, a real professional can get it done right, saving you both time and effort. Most general contractors in Regina are reliable but unfortunately there are some contractors who are too willing to take your money…

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