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Dec 21 2016

2017 Home Improvement Trends:

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As we enter in 2017, the remodeling and home improvement projects of 2016 have led to us to predict what we are going to see more of in the next year. Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling the one you have, here are five key trends to consider this year. According to Consumer Reports, the top home improvement trends for this year focus on quality over quantity.

High Focus on smaller renovations

Many home remodelers will focus on multiple room renovations at a time to update, rather than trying to tackle the whole house in one fell swoop. Based on how expensive home improvement projects can be, this method can help keep budgeting on track. Regardless of whether improvements are throughout the home, or in a single room, upgrading appliances are likely among the to-do tasks. Whatever your view for an updated home may entail, there are options to help you make your dreams a reality without endangering your financial security. However, it is prudent to be aware that home improvements, without strictly following a budget, can quickly get out of hand and become more of a burden than they need to be.
Energy efficient Homes
Energy efficiency renovations include measures such as adding thermal insulations , caulking and weatherstripping, improving or replacing windows and doors, and upgrading the mechanical systems.

Rising demand for thermal Insulation using Cork Spray technology to Heating and Cooling optimization, interior and exterior upgrades, ventilation and air flow for a comfortable living to lower maintenance costs, and increase the durability of your home will be a priority.

It is important to understand that a house operates as a system. Besides occupant activities and the external environment (e.g. temperature, wind, rain, air quality and noise) the elements of a house such as insulation levels, airtightness, window and door types, ventilation rates, heating and cooling systems all affect each other and this combination affects the overall house performance. For example, even if you are investing in new heating and cooling equipment or new windows and doors, you cannot optimize the energy performance of your house if you are not keeping heat in during the winter and out during summer.

Insulation upgrades coupled with air sealing are among the most cost-effective home retrofits. This simple home improvement sometimes pays for itself in less than a year and continues to payback for the life of the house. This upgrade may also reduce loads on heating and cooling equipment allowing for smaller and more efficient systems. Learn more about how our team can ensure to update and retrofit your home to reduce your carbon foot print and help you save money by providing energy efficiency, thermal insulation and lowering additional maintenance costs.

Home Automation- Rise of Smart Homes
A Smart Home commonly refers to a residence that has lighting, security, appliances and other major home systems that can be controlled remotely by a homeowner. Smart home technology makes homes safer and helps homeowners save time and money. Most current homes are not outfitted with these systems, therefore, it is often necessary to retrofit your home with this technology. Fortunately, it is now cost-effective and easy to do so. 2017 will start seeing more home automation implementations that cross over with energy conservations and more internet of things devices.
Kitchen Renovations on the rise
Modernizing the kitchen is going to be one of the most popular approaches with kitchen renovations, and for a good reason. Modern interior design gives off a strong appeal of an organized and classy ambience, which can feel very welcoming. Most modern designs also have an incredible amount of storage spaces. You can never have enough storage in a kitchen. Hate being stuck in your kitchen for hours on end and lacking fresh air as a result? No problem. New open concept designs can eliminate this issues, allowing you to breathe deep while making your favorite meal.
Bathroom Remodelling

The master bathroom is the place you go when you need to relax and take a breather at the end of a long day. There are multiple ways that a bathroom renovation could boost the relaxation elements of the bathroom, deriving from increased storage and enhanced atmosphere. Increasingly popular in the bathroom design realm is one maximizing space and storage. Having plenty of storage can assist in both improving the atmosphere (things not scattered everywhere), and also ensuring everything can be found easily.

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